Day 5 Shrewsbury to Prestin

The coldest day and easiest from an incline perspective, but negotiating Warrington and parts if Preston on a Saturday afternoon is not at all easy! We had a good day most wearing arm earners at some time apart from RT Din who lasted the whole day in a short sleeve top. We cycled through Newton- Le-Willows well known to Graham Walker who suggested we call in to The Oak Tree for a pint! We went past so I took a photo for him
The roads were very busy and we were frustrated to get lost twice but both mistakes were quickly sorted and we covered 89 miles. A
We seemed to pas Nd then be passed by the same people the infamous Chris being one.
The day ended at The Ibis hotel north Preston a good meal (PT was with GM) bikes In a Hotel room tonight. Tomorrow is a big climb up Shap Fell apparently not over steep just mile after mile!

Day 4 Tintern to Shrewsbury 91.5 miles

Another great day. The Youth Hostel was ‘different’ creaking bunk beds noisy wooden stairs, a room shared with 11 other males is guaranteed to be noisy!
It was an experience and will no doubt be one memory the LE-JOGgers won’t easily forget.

The ride was very scenic a lovely sunny day and fantastic views over the Wye valley. We lost Peter for a short time but he was quickly found and we were soon back on route. The route meandered along until we reached the one steep climb today! Conquered by all we sped on to the last water stop where Don tried to sort out his rear brake assembly, he improved the problem but still wants to disassemble and reassemble the whole brake unit.

The ride concluded with a journey through Shrewsbury to find our hotel. We arrived before 6 and set about the usual tasks…
Don took his wet washing to find a Laiudrematte failed😩. He discovered the building but the business had closed for good. He then approached a B&B and offered to pay to have his washing dryer it was £5 the dry cloths were delivered at 9 pm.a good 3 course. Evening meal drew the day to a close.

Day 2 Liskeard to Tiverton

We knew it would be a hard day, it was. 68 miles across Dartmoor my day started with news from Don that my rear tyre was soft! I’d fitted a new tube on Day 1 after a puncture, so I assumed there was another piece of glass in the tyre! After breakfast I went to check. First step let what air that was in the tube out? A good idea except as soon as I unscrewed the cap the valve flew out of the valve case under a van! So it was another task to fit another tube which fortunately was quickly achieved ( getting better at that!) and it stayed inflated all day,a job well done😄 so we set off last in the direction of Dartmoor. If you’ve not visited Dartmoor it’s hilly! The weather was great but warm! The views across Dartmoor were great and we stopped several times got photos of sheep? ponies, and a highland cow! Some big hills 17% gradient ended the day at a Best Western Hotel good rooms hair dryers were utilised to dry cycling tops and shorts! A good meal served quickly which was appreciated! Early bed 9.30

Day 3 to Tintern

This was supposed to be 98 miles with 1 big hill. It was almost 100 ( we did an extra 0.2 to make a round 100),
We set off just about last from the hotel intent on taking it steady and lasting the course.
It was a overcast day to start but warned up and was a good day for cycling. Gary had indicated he’d ride with us but by the time was assembled he’d left.
The Somerset levels were pleasant for cycling, with one significant hill, near Cheddar. It was significant but it was followed by 5 miles of undulations to end the day. Peter broke a spoke and Allan Hannibal broke his chain 2 miles from the end.
Night stop in a youth hostel so bunk beds a 12 man room! It’s 9.30 and 10 guys are already ticked up! I have a bottom bunk so hopefully Don doesn’t move much as the bed creaks!
The big event for me today was a brief trip into Wales over the Severn Bridge a novel experience and as we headed North to Chepstow we left Wales a few miles later! Home for a while

Day 1

A frustrating start at the Hotel on Penzance as they could not find all the riders? The bikes were in one truck and all the riders with their bags travelled on a coach to Lands End. Briefing photos and off on 3 groups. Very quickly the riders split up and we soon had a small group of Yaxley LE-JOGgers with a few friends were battling with the traffic on the A roads. The weather was ideal about 18 degrees and overcast. We made a decent pace all conscious that there were many days and miles ahead!

Sad to report that very early we came across one rider with am ambulance in attendance as he had been hit by a telegraph pole! No it’s not a joke, a farmer was apparently shifting a pole and it swing into the road. Two riders ducked under it whilst the unfortunate third guy was hit. He suffered rib damage and was taken to hospital. One less rider! It shows how important wearing a cycle helmet is ( compulsory on this ride),
There were 2 water stops with refreshments and the very important evening meal menu was tout for our review and selections. The lunch stop was great, pasta, Cornish pasties, salad, hot drinks , fruit and more choc bars. All on all an ideal break.
The mornings ride was hilly but not too bad the afternoon included 2 frightening climbs when you pass a sign stating 10% you know it’s going to be tough and it was! Then almost at the end of the day we had another which must be have been the same gradient as it a killer. The sight of the Premier Inn at Liskard was greeted with delight Day 1 done Shower, wash the kit, meal sleep! Day 2 awaits across Dartmoor!

T – 1

The day is almost here. The bikes and large bags are on their way in Don’s van. I’ll meet Karen and Peter at the station at 10.30 for the long trip to Penzance.
Hard to believe it’s almost here.